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2 - 5 giugno 2022
Joanna Angulo

JOANNA ANGULO, Also known as "Joja". Familiar, empathetic, dreamy and passionate about dance, that's how I describe myself in a few words. I graduated from the Metropolitan University with a Bachelor of Education and a few years later, I did a specialization in Organizational Communication at the Monteavila University. Educating and communicating are the common thread of my whole life. In 2014, I became a certified Zumba Fitness instructor and did the specialties of Aqua Zumba, Zumba Step, Strong Nation, Zumba Gold and Zumba Toning, which I currently teach and is one of my favorites. This decision changed my life forever. Now, the classrooms are dance, my students are adults in search of health and well being, my weekends are total and absolute fun, on platforms that I walk, to be happy and give happiness. This is how I teach classes in gyms, clubs and in shopping centers in the city of Caracas. I have traveled through Venezuela, to dance and share with colleagues from other states and I have been ZCOM (Zumba Community Council) for two years, creating and empowering the Zumba community in the country. Since April 2022, I have assumed the rol of Zumba Education Specialist in my country. This job has become into a great passion, because I keep teaching students and doing what I love the most. The community has grown incredibly and I have trained the Zumba Basic 1 in different locations of my country. This has allowed to know Venezuela even more, in terms of culture, geography and gastronomy. At this moment, I am coordinating the free program "Activa tu salud" at the Bole√≠ta Outlet Center, Candelaria Center and Sambil La Candelaria in my city. Also, I am a daughter, sister, cat & dog mom, I love to color, meet with friends, listen, help and serve to those who need it. Being a Venezuelan and a teacher are the titles that make me feel proudest in life.