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2 - 5 giugno 2022
Maryana Shnoudi

MARYANA SHNOUDIZumba Education Specialist of Jordan, a mother of two lovely boys, a passionate Zumba fitness instructor and a gym freak. I originally have a bachelors degree in computer science but I followed my passion as a Zumba® fitness Instructor. I first got introduced to Zumba® Fitness when I was trying to lose the excess weight of my first pregnancy, it only took three classes for me to get totally addicted. In no time I became from those front row divas that never misses a class, then in 2011 I took the Zumba Basic 1 training course and that was my first step into changing my life and what I love to do the most to become my new career. I absolutely love teaching Zumba classes, the music and the class atmosphere would make you leave the class totally stress free. I would never forget how I felt after each class, and I love my students to leave exactly with that feeling.